(Extended) The Deadline for Expression of Interest of Host University Selection for MoSMA

Dear Colleagues,

The deadline for Expression of Interest of Host University Selection for MOSMA (MORA Overseas Student Mobility Awards) under Beasiswa Indonesia Bangkit 2024 is extended to February 9, 2024. For additional details, kindly contact us via email at Thank you for your continued interest.

About MosMA (MORA Overseas Student Mobility Awards

The MORA Overseas Student Mobility Awards (MOSMA) program is one that supports the implementation of the Independent Study Campus (Kampus Merdeka) Learning Freedom Program (MBKM). It involves academic programs lasting up to one semester with a maximum duration of six months at foreign universities, which can be converted into Credit Units (SKS – Satuan Kredit Semester) at the home institution in Indonesia. This program is essential for enhancing the knowledge, skills, and experiences of students within the Ministry of Religious Affairs by enabling them to study abroad. Through this program, scholarship recipients are expected to gain valuable academic insights, engage globally, adopt an open mindset, adapt to diverse academic cultures, develop independence, boost self-confidence, and strengthen their pride as Indonesian citizens. The program aims to inspire students to broaden their academic and campus life perspectives internationally, fostering an awareness of Indonesia’s potential on the global stage. This, in turn, motivates them to pursue further education either through scholarships or independently, with a high level of self-confidence as Indonesian citizens.

For further information: here

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